Can Robotic Solutions Improve Logistics?

Monday, May 15, 2017 10:01 am EDT


Toshiba America, Inc.

Robotics and automation technologies are quite common throughout the factory and manufacturing sectors, but Toshiba recognizes the potential market in distribution warehouses and sorting centers for intelligent robotics and logistics solutions.

Today most robotic solutions are used to perform predetermined and repetitive tasks in factory automation. However when it comes to sorting centers not all packages are equal in size, shape or weight and Toshiba has developed next generation intelligent robotics that are increasingly able to demonstrate “human” capabilities such as sensing, dexterity, and memory. These next gen robots can be integrated into supply chains, taking on more human-oriented tasks, including picking, packaging and loading for transport.

Adoption is expected to accelerate over the near term given the expected improvement in efficiencies robotics can bring along with the explosive growth of the e-commerce sector.

Watch our video to learn more about Toshiba Robotic Solutions for Logistics Automation.

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