Earth Day 2017 -- Our role in contributing to a more sustainable future.


Friday, April 21, 2017 12:29 pm EDT



As a global company with many diverse businesses, we believe we have an obligation to reduce our impact on the environment through our products, technologies and manufacturing processes. Toshiba is guided by Environmental Vision 2050— our view of the world in the middle of the 21st century that imagines technological advancements and sound environmental principles that ensure a comfortable standard of living and a sustainable planet for future generations.

To help us visualize our approach toward realizing a sustainability society, Toshiba developed T-Compass. Each coordinate of the compass corresponds with each area of focus. In FY2015, Toshiba companies in the Americas continued to implement actions to improve our environmental footprint, guided by T-Compass.

How Toshiba approaches environmental stewardship by focusing on Natural Resources, Energy, Substances and Water
Minimizing consumption of natural resources

Toshiba strives to create resource-efficient products, including the use of recycled materials and plant-derived materials wherever possible. Additionally we continue to increase the recycling volume of end-of-life products and packaging.

  • TAEC collected 29,395 pounds of e-waste from its employees and the community.
  • TGCS recycled 37.51 metric tons of cardboard from its facility in Durham, NC.
  • TIC introduced a wood pallet resale and repair program with a total of 6.7 tons sold.
  • TCL Headquarters located in Markham, Ontario, Canada diverted from landfill, 89% of all waste generated on site, a total of 256,561 lbs.

Minimizing the risks posed by chemical substances

Toshiba has taken several steps. We ceased the use of specific chemicals in our products including mercury, cadmium and lead, certain brominated flame retardants, and polyvinyl chloride—all considered potentially harmful to human health—and substituted alternative, safer materials. In addition, we require our suppliers to conduct environmental assessments on the chemicals contained in the materials and parts supplied, and to report adherence to Toshiba’s standards.

  • TIC eliminated annual disposal of approximately 200 lbs. of hazardous waste and reduced the quantity of new chemicals purchased by instituting a new practice of transferring the small amount of residual chemical material at the bottom of the used drum to a new drum.

Minimizing water consumption

Toshiba assesses its processes and facilities and implements water savings programs where feasible.

  • TAES reduced their water consumption by 447,857 gallons, as a result of improvements made to the sensors that monitor non-contact cooling water used in the process to balance their customers’ generators, turbines and shafts.

Minimizing energy consumption

Toshiba continues to seek energy saving opportunities at its offices and manufacturing facilities.

  • TCL reduced its annual facility electricity usage by 67,530kWh and natural gas consumption by 13,810 m3.
  • Landis and Gyr in Reynosa, Mexico achieved energy reductions of 373,244 kWh by retrofitting lighting in the manufacturing and warehouse areas and upgrading the HVAC system. An additional 100,595 kWh savings is expected as a result of reprogramming air conditioning controls to operate during non-peak hours.
  • TABS-TPD saved 629,100 kWh of electricity and 277 MT of CO2 emissions by replacing high pressure sodium lights with Toshiba LEDs in their warehouse and parking lot. Due to the low heat output of LEDs, air conditioning usage decresed, resulting in an additional reduction of 20,929 kWh of electricity.
  • TAIS saved 64,527 kWh by replacing parking lot post bulbs with LEDs and facility lighting with lower watt bulbs.
  • TIC generated approximately 70,560 kWh of solar energy with an onsite PV system installed in July 2015.

To learn more about Social and Environmental activities please download our regional 2017 Sustainability Report for the Americas.

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