Want to open up your Ss to a world of different languages through ? Minecraft could be the answer: day 21 min ago
That's great to hear - your students might find our competition fun! Check it out. — 1 day 39 min ago
If your students love , you should check out our STEM competition! — 1 day 48 min ago
in action! Do students participate in team assignments often? — 1 day 1 hour ago
Watch previous winner Travis Gingerich explain how the competition inspired him to seek out new chal… day 4 hours ago
RT : Students working on ExploraVision projects. Coming together to create new solar ovens, learning about plastics over… day 6 hours ago
Sometimes, it's not about the that the students use - it's about deliberately planning how they approach the… days 5 min ago
Love to see and teamwork in action! What was the goal of this activity for the students? — 2 days 29 min ago
Only one more week till ! Get in the spirit of the holiday by learning about some scientific discov… days 1 hour ago
RT : Ahh, aren't they cute. Thanks for helping us get rolling on this project ;) days 7 hours ago
: would you give this classroom experience a spin? days 23 hours ago
This EV team from came up with an amazing way to take recycling ♻️ to the next level:… days 3 hours ago
RT : To you you're simply a teacher. To your students you are simply everything! 3 days 5 hours ago
RT : Ss take a break from project by collaborating in random groupings to soluti… days 7 hours ago
If your students like to collaborate on engineering projects they might find our… days 22 hours ago
With classroom distractions on the rise, these tools can help keep Ss focused and engaged: days 23 hours ago
It's ! , how do you inspire your Ss to dive into reading? days 5 min ago
Love this assignment! Did the students work together on teams? — 4 days 7 min ago
This Twitter account is run by our United States team. We recommend reaching out… days 8 hours ago
: thinking about adding more to your class? Check out our free PDFs filled with tips! days 2 hours ago

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