We're glad to help and look forward to hearing about your creations. — 2 hours 27 min ago
RT : Thank you Ms. Reitman our amazing robotics teacher for winning the Toshiba grant! hours 28 min ago
Excellent! Good ideas that could be applied to next year! — 2 hours 28 min ago
This infographic shows that across the board, parents agree that in schools leads to better outcomes: hours 45 min ago
These 2017 EV winners from came up with a solution to take to the next level! hours 16 min ago
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: The important questions you had to ask before purchasing a TV. hours 45 min ago
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It's . Learn about the prevention inventions past ExploraVision Ss have imagined: day 8 hours ago
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You can learn more on for now. We'll be on-site at National Press Club, Capitol… day 10 hours ago
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has become more common in schools, but it needs to be effective and easy to implement: days 7 hours ago
Learn how innovative EV winners from Nathanael Greene Elementary created a watch to help those with food allergies: days 9 hours ago
Collaboration among rural school districts is proving to be critical to student success and innovation: days 6 hours ago
Please contact support in your local region to learn more: days 6 hours ago

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