It's been quite the snowy week; a pair of self-warming boots designed by these past winners would ha… hour 51 min ago
. in Michigan is promoting a new list of words that they feel could be used more and would be a ‘great a… hours 6 min ago
Happy Birthday to politician and inventor, Benjamin Franklin! We thank him for his many contributions to STEM and t… hours 50 min ago
RT : It's a wrap! The 1st grp to finish in PGL celebrates with cheers. Want to know the… hours 40 min ago
RT : Tuesday Ss were happy to collaborate on a creative twist to robotics during centre time this morning hours 27 min ago
82% of surveyed in this latest study feel that in the classroom helps students to be more prepar… day 3 hours ago
Looking to inspire your ExploraVision teams? Show them these impressive past winners and what they've accomplished!… day 5 hours ago
RT : Helping students format academic references for their Exploravision Science Research projects in the… day 5 hours ago
: See how you can help others through the power of innovation! days 2 hours ago
RT : Check out these great videos about introducing the NGSS, the three dimensions, support for instruction and in… days 2 hours ago
Congratulations to the students at for winning a Toshiba America Foundation Grant to assist with their… days 4 hours ago
lessons that are focused on technical writing have helped students when it comes to overall literacy: days 6 hours ago
Looks like some -mazing work going on over there! — 2 days 6 hours ago
RT : There is an end in site on the projects! days 6 hours ago
We’re inspired by all of your past work, Gitanjali! Is this your first time mentoring a team of young scientists? — 3 days 3 hours ago
RT : Had an awesome time explaining concepts of density to these little scientists! Great to see them working on their s… days 3 hours ago
Your students could create the future! Check out these inventive ExploraVision ideas that exist today.… days 4 hours ago
: do you still plan to use letter grades in the classroom? Or do you use an alternate grading system? days 5 hours ago
K-12 STEM learning and creativity go hand-in-hand! Challenge your students to think outside the box this year by re… days 6 hours ago
This invention reminds us of a past ExploraVision team that designed an all terrain wheelchair in the 90’s:… days 8 hours ago

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