The Rechargeable Battery, SCiB by Toshiba

From automotive to public transportation to future utility-scale energy storage SCiBTM by Toshiba has got you covered
Monday, June 19, 2017 9:38 am EDT


Eddie Temistokle, Toshiba America, Inc.

Toshiba's rechargeable battery (SCiB™) is a safe, high-performance, long-life, rechargeable battery solution for a wide array of applications ranging from electric vehicles to future grid energy storage. SCiB™ batteries can be charged in as little as 6 minutes. The lithium titanium oxide chemistry contained in SCiB™ is not susceptible to lithium metal plating, providing exceptional battery safety characteristics.

SCiB™ also offers minimal capacity degradation, even after 15,000 charge-discharge cycles. This operational life often exceeds that of the applications in which they are used, thus eliminating the need for battery replacement and reducing the environmental impact of waste batteries.

At Toshiba’s Corporate Research and Development Center, we’re continuing further research and development in controlling material composition at the nano-metric level to achieve even higher energy densities.

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