Toshiba "SHAPE" 60 Second Clay Animation Commercial

Our latest 60 second commercial for ASEAN region
Monday, February 26, 2018 9:44 am EST



Toshiba America, Inc.

Toshiba is currently focused on various social infrastructure projects around the world. But when most people think of Toshiba, they think electronics. So to change this image that people have of us, we decided to make a new commercial, one that would promote the Toshiba brand in a consistent way across regions and countries, and that would be accessible and well-liked in all of these countries. Clay animation is a unique form of stop-motion animation that uses figures made of clay (clay art), and was developed as a form of animation in the 1950s. And at Toshiba we believe we can “shape” society with our technologies, products, and services.

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