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Toshiba, Safe Quantum Enter Agreement to Accelerate Quantum Communication Solutions in North America


NEW YORK, (July 6, 2022) – Toshiba America, Inc. (Toshiba) today announced a partnership with Safe Quantum in the areas of quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum communications. Led by John Prisco, Safe Quantum champions the commercial adoption of quantum technology and will support Toshiba’s ongoing work to secure the quantum future. 

Data breaches and security incidents across all industries are on the rise, and with heightened concerns about serious cybersecurity threats, governments and businesses are recognizing the critical need for new ways to effectively manage sensitive data and protect vulnerable infrastructures against cyberattacks. Unlike conventional encryption, QKD solutions use encoded photons to secure the distribution of encryption key material that is unhackable – a major driver in why North America is expected to account for the largest share of the global Quantum Cryptography market. The collaboration will help fulfill the increasing interest among potential users in North America looking to better understand QKD solutions as a new system to safeguard their communications against future threats.

“We’re proud to partner with Safe Quantum in our shared vision of keeping the transmission of sensitive information safe and secure through our reliable and ultra-secure quantum cryptography solutions,” said Tsuyoshi Sasano, who is vice president of digital solutions and leads Toshiba’s QKD business in North America. “This collaboration furthers Toshiba’s global expansion of our QKD business in North America, with previously established partnerships in Japan and the UK.”

Toshiba started research into quantum cryptography in 2003. Since then, it has demonstrated several notable world firsts, including being the first to announce QKD over 100km of fiber in 2004. This means its fiber-QKD platform products are able to address quantum-secure communication requirements over hundreds of kilometers in metropolitan areas. Toshiba was also the first with a continuous key rate exceeding 1 Mbit/second in 2010 and 10 Mbit/second in 2017. And in 2020, it set the new world’s fastest record for any QKD system to date of 13.7 Mb/s over 10km of fiber. In February, they announced the first successful proof-of-concept test to secure mission-critical blockchain applications with QKD alongside JP Morgan Chase and Ciena.

“2022 will mark the year we see commercial quantum technology really take off, as more innovators see the future quantum-secure world as the ultimate way to protect data,” said John Prisco, CEO and founder of Safe Quantum. “We are delighted to be partnering with Toshiba on this important use case for quantum information science.”

About Toshiba America, Inc. 
Founded in 1965, Toshiba America, Inc. (TAI) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Toshiba Corporation and the holding company of three Toshiba operating companies that offer a broad range of products and solutions for the commercial, energy and industrial sectors. The three companies, which along with TAI are known collectively as Toshiba America Group, are Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (Semiconductor & data storage solutions), Toshiba America Energy Systems, Corp. (Power generation solutions), and Toshiba International Corporation (Industrial, power electronics & transmission & distribution solutions).

As the driver of Toshiba Group’s digital solutions business, Toshiba America Inc. Digital Solutions Division delivers digital service solutions that support companies in accelerating their digital transformation, and also plays a central role in Toshiba’s transition to become one of the world’s leading cyber-physical technology companies, with advanced capabilities extending from manufacturing to AI. Business website of Toshiba Quantum Key Distribution: Toshiba Global QKD Website

About Safe Quantum

Founded in 2020 by John Prisco, quantum technology, cybersecurity and telecommunications luminary, Safe Quantum helps the world’s largest technology organizations, and the businesses they support, to further the commercial adoption of quantum-based science. The company provides innovative and practical strategies to introduce or expand on quantum technology, including entry and exits, vetted technologies and business planning. For companies seeking to adopt quantum technologies as part of their security and data-protection planning, Safe Quantum delivers customized approaches to becoming quantum-safe based on stress-tests, trouble-shooting crypto-agile strategies and designing proof-of-concept demonstrations. For more information, please visit

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Samantha Smoak, PAN Communications for Toshiba

Andrea Oliveira, OHPR for Safe Quantum

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