James Dornicik from knows that if his students are interested in becoming scientists, there are a num… hours 31 min ago
On the seventh day of class, gave to me, solar cells with great efficiency ☀️. Learn more ab… hours 35 min ago
On the sixth day of class, gave to me, glasses that could change society . Read about Word… day 9 hours ago
On the fifth day of class, gave to me, a device that provides ASD therapy. Check out more on… days 8 hours ago
On the fourth day of class, gave to me, a tool that helps patients breathe with ease . Lear… days 23 hours ago
Although engineering education is emphasized by , many classrooms still brush over the E in . Here a… days 3 hours ago
On the third day of class, gave to me, an invention that helps doctors spot disease ‍⚕️. Re… days 4 hours ago
Student learning can be improved significantly with , but how much is too much? Several education experts… days 1 hour ago
On the second day of class, gave to me, a car motor that uses clean energy . Read more abou… days 2 hours ago
When proved an enriching after-school project, decided to add it to regular curric… days 3 hours ago
Woohoo! Excited to see such engaged students. How many teams are you entering this year? — 5 days 7 hours ago
RT : Couldn’t be prouder! teams days 7 hours ago
How long can people live? Ask your students to explore this scientific mystery and much more . These theories… days 3 hours ago
On the first day of class, gave to me, a sensor that helps farmers grow trees . Learn more… days 4 hours ago
Empathy is a vital skill to teach the next generation of problem solvers. Learn the four different ways you can int… week 1 hour ago
Do medical dramas oversimplify science ‍⚕️? Katrina St. John of wants to provide her students with a re… week 2 hours ago
, now that the holidays are in full swing, what activities do you have planned to keep your students e… week 1 day ago
Looking for a fun way to teach topics in your classroom? Consider exploring popular sci-fi concepts like… week 1 day ago
Thanks for mentioning us in this fantastic blog post. How many… week 1 day ago
RT : Extending STEM Beyond the Classroom Walls // Thank you to week 1 day ago

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