students are more likely to be engaged with learning if they can see the outcomes of their work. Learn how to… week 20 hours ago
Happy day! We’re celebrating all of our female participants and their impressive pro… week 1 day ago
We are glad our program enabled your students to think big! How many ExploraVision pr… week 1 day ago
RT : Was blown away with the amazing ideas and conversations with our Exp… week 1 day ago
Effective shouldn’t be limited to school hours . Learn how you can get parents involved in the social-emotion… week 3 days ago
Wishing everyone best of luck! We look forward to reviewing your entries. — 1 week 3 days ago
RT : Day! Another great year for our sophomore research class. Students explored solutions to a wide vari… week 3 days ago
Exciting! How many projects did you submit. — 1 week 3 days ago
Today's the day! Don't forget to submit all projects by tonight at 11:59 PM ET. We're ex… week 4 days ago
The finish line is in sight! We look forward to seeing the imaginative inventions your students developed. — 1 week 4 days ago
When students are allowed to take learning into their own hands, they can develop skills that inc… week 4 days ago
It’s ‍. How well do your students know the elements? Download our Period… week 4 days ago
Have your teams submitted their projects yet? Tomorrow is the deadline ! For helpful tips on avoidi… week 4 days ago
ExploraVision projects are due on Friday by 11:59 PM EST! Are you entering more or less projects than Laura… week 5 days ago
It's the final countdown! Just 2 more days until submissions are due. Tweet us photos of your teams… week 5 days ago
is a crucial subject in its own right, but it also has important applications across the curriculum… week 5 days ago
How do you provide your classes with insight into careers in ‍? Using a Toshiba America Foundation grant fo… week 6 days ago
Good luck, team! What types of technology will we read out this year? — 2 weeks 3 hours ago
RT : It's That time! ExploraVision submissions going in the mail! Good luck Gifted grade fives! weeks 3 hours ago
Designing video games can help young learners develop foundational skills needed for and . L… weeks 17 hours ago

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